The Value of an Engagement Shoot

Fred and Katlego Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot is a great way to get ready for your wonderful wedding day. This is for those camera-shy grooms and people who believe they are not photogenic.

Wedding photos are there to capture the emotions of your wedding day. The engagement shoot will give you an opportunity to build a report with your photographer, making it easier on the actual day itself.

There are many uses for the images of the engagement shoot. Here is an example of a “Save the Date” email brochure that was sent out.

Other people use the images to print table numbers. Another very popular use is to utilise the photos in a photo book with open spaces and it is then used as a Guest Book on the day of your wedding. The guests would want to see the photos and it gives them an opportunity to write a message to you as a married couple.

Further to this, we suggest that you do your make-up trial on the same day as your Engagement Photo Shoot. You will then be able to see how the make-up displays on the photos, giving you an opportunity to make adjustments if required.

Your wedding day is a very special day in your life! Make sure the build up to the day and the day itself is memorable. This includes all the events leading up to the day, an Engagement Shoot can add to the excitement of that build up.

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How to Successfully Choose your Wedding Photographer

wedding photography Lebanese Bride and Groom dancing with pyrotechnics at Thaba Eco Hotel in Johannesburg

How to Successfully Choose your Wedding Photographer

You have been proposed to and are beside yourself with excitement! You want to show off your beautiful ring and “husband to be” to everyone you know. However, the reality of organising your wedding has now started to dawn. The biggest question being how to select the right suppliers and ensure that you are getting the best value and quality for your money! In today’s world of tight economies you need to ensure that you are making your money “work for you” in the best way possible.

Chris van Zyl, from Focal Fusion Photography, has been a professional wedding Photographer for the past 15 years and has the following tips for anyone looking to book a Professional Photographer for their big day!

One of the most important factors is deciding on the style of Photography you want at your wedding. By looking at various websites and Photographer’s work, you will quickly get a distinct understanding of the various styles. For instance, are you looking for romantic photos, or fun photos or journalistic photos or possibly a good balance of all the above? Once you have determined the style that you like, you can move onto the next step, which is identifying the Photographers that you like and setting appointments to meet with them.

Meeting your Photographer:

The Photographer that you choose for your wedding will be one of the people that spends the most time with you on the day. In some cases – even more than your husband as he/she is with you right from the beginning. It is therefore imperative that you find someone that you are comfortable with and who is able to make you feel at ease in front of the camera. If the Photographer irritates you at the initial meeting, he could quite possibly ruin your entire day! The personality fit between Photographer and couple is paramount and as such, it is always a good idea for both the Bride and Bridegroom to meet the Photographer before making a booking. Spend time at the meeting outlining your specific needs and ensure that the Photographer is happy to cater to what you specifically want and not the other way around!

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When to Cut the Wedding Cake

Bryan And Kirsten Cutting Wedding Cake

If your wedding – service and reception – is at a venue it is a good idea to cut the cake straight after the service. The guests can then nibble on the cake while you are having your photos taken. This will keep them occupied without getting anxious about your photo session.

However, please do not use the photo shoot time for the cake cutting. Make sure you have allocated adequate time for the photo session. Don’t skimp on you photo time!!! Those are your memories!!

Wedding Cake – Alternative Idea

Wedding Cake alternative cheese selection

Instead of a sweet cake that is cut later in the evening, the new trend is having a “cake made of cheese” which is cut just after the ceremony and the guests can then snack on this with biscuits.

This takes the pressure off the couple who are having their photos taken as the guests are kept busy with something substantial to eat and they can socialise whilst they keep nibbling.

The “Cheese Cake” in the photo was provided by Divine Delights – Guests were still having cheese and biscuits later in the evening after the main course.

What to do with your Wedding Dress

Designer Wedding Dress

You have been dreaming about that dress since you were a little girl. On the day it made you look wonderful and you felt like a true princess!

Now that the day is over, what are you going to do with your beautiful dress? Some people arrange a Trash-The-Dress Photo Shoot and ruin a beautiful creation, others leave it hanging in a cupboard to gather dust.

We recently did a wedding where the Bride asked us to find a person who could not afford a designer dress, but needed a dress for their dream wedding. She was hoping to donate the dress to a bride, with the proviso that they give the dress to the next bride to fulfil her dreams and in that way continue to “pay it forward”.

The hope was that she would be able to contribute to the next person’s dreams and ensure that the dress would always be a talisman of joy and happiness and allow someone to have that special day, that they too had dreamed of!

Aren’t we lucky to be working with such amazing Brides!

The Importance of Bridal Makeup.

Bridal make up

Bridal make-up is one area that often gets the short end of the stick when it comes to wedding arrangements. “It costs too much!” Solution: “I have a friend who can do it for me”. Disaster!! The result is often that you look terrible in your photos – the only thing you have left at the end of the day.

With the development of the digital age, the details on photos and videos have become very apparent. Also, with the large format albums, photos can now be printed 40 X 40 cm. Imagine bad make-up on a photo that size! Even if you have perfect skin it is advisable to get a professional make-up artist to highlight your best features. You obviously want to blow your groom away!

Make sure that the make-up used is photographic make up and will last the duration of the day. You don’t want to have your make-up done and then have a shiny look within 30 minutes. You also want to feel good when you enter the reception, so make sure that the quality of the make up is good.

Often Brides say “You can just Photo Shop it”. Contrary to popular belief not all issues can be resolved consistently in photoshop. It is also extremely time consuming and most photographers will charge you extra for their time.

Consider your make-up as an investment on your day. You will be looking at your photos for the rest of your life!

Speak to your photographer to get the name of a recommended make-up artist!

Our recommendation is Lyn Reece –

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